An Untold Saga

For the uninitiated l moved to Microsoft redmond about an year ago. To be honest  I have  been very happy till now. Coming from a middle class family with debts I have always been short on money. The new found economic freedom was enticing and enchanting. I have enjoyed this as much I can in past one year this includes partying, Splurge shopping on clothes and random gadgets , arguably the best Car on the block, sateen Sheets and So on.  But  now I realize the Side effect of this lifestyle. I have no incentive to grow, nothing. also this comfort seemed to  have created a black cloud over my soul. I feel dirty, corrupted. Running with no vision. No foresight, a blind man This is not me. Cheating myself for having no goals and vision. I must get over it. I Must

so these are the changes I am making to  make myself humble again

1. Sleep on ground for al least two days a week.

2. No eating once a week. To feel the hunger. Also no eating in expensive places and no desserts More then once a week.

3. No shopping unless its really required.

4. Read about great people or cleansing literature daily.. So You don’t lose vision of what’s important in life.

S. Make an habit of challenging Yourself in Life. Always Challenge Yourself.

I any of you has faced Similar problems do let me know. Also let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas to and to list.



I discovered this while doing CR for a team mate and now I use it almost always. Though it might not be new for the “pro’s” 😛 but I like it so here it is in the form of a advertisement 😉
Do u always insert a lot of print statements in your code , which might not be useful output ?
Do u use a lot of print statements while debugging ?
Do u find yourself commenting/deleting those printfs after the code is done and reading them when required again ?
Fear no more enjoy the new -debug option !!!
All u need to do is to check for -debug in the command line options and if its there u print all your print statements (use if(debug){} ) else u don’t 😀 😀 😀 nice ain’t it 😉

In my 6 months in Microsoft (3 as intern and 3+ as an sde) I have worked on two projects which were developed by me only from scratch. one was a stand alone tool and another is a feature for addition. The most prominent learning I take back from these two projects is the importance of designing and planning. I always underestimated planning and designing (P&D henceforth) but now I know there worth. Ideally I think one should spend about 70%+ time in P&D , it makes the actual task of coding so easy and beside you are assured of a better quality product which meets all the norms. Few things which one must take care of while P&D:
1.) Customer feedback (give prototypes)
2.) Accommodate room for future additions.
3.) Always know that specs can change at the last instant 😛
4.) Research your project well , what r u doing? what is it supposed to do ? Is it necessary ? Can there be a better/easier method ? Is it worth doing it? Are the changes scalable or might cause regression ? ask and find out all these questions.

I will explain from experience. The feature I am supposed to make should work for all supported languages in xp, (24 precisely ). So I had to do a lot of bookkeeping and stuff and it was a pain in a!@ to do that. Finally when I am done and I sent the code for Cr. I realized that the tool in which I am adding a feature spawns different process for each language, so I didn’t need to do all the bookkeeping 😦 :'(. So basically now I will cut short the code which I wrote so painstakingly ( heartache ouch, I re factored that code thrice to make sure its good). So I hope everybody understands the importance of P&D

It has been a long time since I last posted but then I never intended to be regular blogger, a post once in every 2-3 months kept me happy until now, things have changed and I have decided to blog regularly, reason:
1.) It can be used to track my progress.

hence I have added five new categories
Computer Science: Well I was never into computer science as such but I guess there is no escape (at least I don’t any in short term ) and besides I seem to have developed a slight liking to it. Hence the new category.)

Microsoft: Last three months were my first in a corporate environment and I feel like I am still not ready :P, anyhow I have learned a few things in these days and I will like to make a note of them. This might overlap a lot with computer science but will contain information on how to work in such an environment.

Books: Review of books I read, I forget very easily so a good review or summary will help.

Computers(hardware): I am a bit of computers hardware enthusiast and I thought will share if I found anything interesting.

Comics: Links to my fav comic strips across the web 😀

Will post soon in each category.

Microsoft boooked me a flight ticket on kingfisher as a part of teh relocation programme. I reached the delhi airport about 2 hours before the flight. ( I have heard that its a place full of beauty and wished to enjoy the same to the max). For the first time in my life the rumours fell short of the reality. I mean the place ( specially teh kingfisher lounge was full of stunning beauties ;). After enjoying the ‘view’ 😛 for about 2 hours I boarded the plane, a fair looking air hostess with a beautiful smile caught my attention. Since I was on the emergency seat she explained me how to operate the same in case of emergency, and being a curious guy I had a hell lot of questions (pun intented). I tried flirting with her and it felt like she is responding, but then I also thought she might be just being nice (its a part of her job afterall ). While I was still unsure about the same the flight took off. I fideled around with the telivision screen for some time ( the in flight entertainment system). Watched “just for laughs” and “CC2C” for sometime while eating breakfast. Finally I decided to listen to in flight radio and started peeking out the window, till now it the vision was not clear and all I could see was a whitish smoke but just now the most beautiful painting I ever saw was spread in front of me.

We were flying above clouds at a height of abt 11000 feet. Somehow sipping coffee and listening to ‘Stairway to heaven” took my mind completly of the air hostess and I decided to focus outside. There was clear blue sky above me, the roundness of earth seemed obvious form such height. Below me was a beautiful carpet of clouds, they were not the same clouds as we see from the ground, they didn’t seem fluffy but rather very solid, like made of white concrete and they were so thick that it was impoosible to see earth. It was beautiful beyond words. It was like each cloud was telling a story, his own saga. There were demons and gods in there, fighting with the alliance of animals and men to gain dominance in this magical kingdom. There were sorceresses waving a slow magic upon me and I was left enachanted, unable to blink an eyelid.

Two hours passed by in a jiffy ( law of relativity 😛 ). Even more beautiful was the landing. While above the clouds the plane tilted and started approaching the clouds slowly. the closer I got the fluffier got the clouds. Till I was in a white mist and then I saw after what seemed like an eternity beautiful mother earth. The view was similar to how it is in google earth. Houses looked like matchboxes slowely and steadily the plane took some turns in air and then starting decsecending steepily. A few more minutes and my first flight ended with a ” c ya” from that ‘airhostess’.

I collected my luggage and came out to find a driver waiting in the reception witha placard with the words “Ojasvi Rajpal” on it. The kingfisher jingle “fly into the good times” rang into my ears

to be cotinnued…


This too will pass

1.) Must learn to question . Learn how to ask good questions
2.) Am I too blinded by my faith in science. Is that blinding too ? ref My response to Anthwal’s presentation, Anger at dr. deb’s take on evolution.

Must learn to question and must learn to question the very school of thought I am following.
Must learn must grow 😀
May God help me 🙂


A few days back, I grew a bit nostalgic and started thinking about my 4 years here in IIIT. A little thinking made me feel like my was a complete failure. Specifically cause I think I haven’t grown in any aspect of my life in past four years, except I guess I understand people better now and I am emotionally more stable. Analysis and logical thinking has been my forte over the years, applying the same to this situation revealed the mistake. For some reasons ( known and understood 😛 ) I stopped living when I came here. I used to be a person who lived every moment , its not that I don’t now but I stopped seizing the day. I stopped and it feels like it has been ages, and like all stationery things I started to stink. So what do I learn from all this. I learn one thing from last 4 years and that is Carpe Diem: seize the day. I promise myself that I will Carpe Diem form this day onwards. I will:
1.) Argue and discuss when I think somebody is being stupid.
2.) Will speak out my mind , when I feel like.
3.) Will do what I wanna do and not live in resignation ever again.
( will add to the list when if I notice myself doing something against the spirit of Carpe Diem)
Last but not the least.
I hereby initiate the dead poet’s society. ( yes yes the idea if taken from the movie ). Will tag people inviting them to join the dead poet’s society and will have a meeting before I leave campus.
” I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived … I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms.”
1.) A part of me died 4 years back. Its time to raise it again, better, stronger. Hope I can. Hope I can live deep again. 🙂

" Cause I am a fighter Adrian that's the way I am made " . .
"Remember where you came from and what it took to get you here" . .
"You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with."


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